At its 2009 session, the House of Delegates presented the Southwest Michigan Pharmacists Association with its Local Association Achievement award. SWMPA joined the Capital Area, Jackson Area, North Michigan, Wayne County, and Western Michigan pharmacist associations, who were also given this award. Continuing Education & Program Director William Urfer accepted the award on behalf of the association.

SWMPA would like to thank the Michigan Pharmacists Association, all MPA members, all of our continuing education sponsors, and especially those MPA members who participate in our local activities. Your support, along with all members of the MPA, make our organization possible.

SWMPA would also like to take this time to again ask for your participation in the Michigan Pharmacists Association. Not only is this a great way to connect with your peers and colleagues in the profession, your membership also makes you a true part of our organization and ensures that SWMPA remains a strong, active chapter of the MPA and within our community.

Thank you all very much.