Sciele, the current manufacturer of the calcium-channel blocker Sular (nisoldipine) has completed the transition to their new tablet formulation and strengths.

UK company SkyePharma’s GeoMatrix technology has been used to develop a new formulation of a hypertension drug which can provide lower drug doses.

The new formulation of Sciele Pharma’s Sular (nisoldipine), a calcium channel blocking agent for the treatment of high blood pressure, has been successfully trialled to show bioequivalence to Sciele’s currently marketed product.

Using SkyePharma’s patented GeoMatrix technology, the new extended release formulation has been designed to provide a lower dose of Sular for each of its current doses, the average dose of which is 10-20mg once a day for adults, and will be more readily absorbed.

Sular’s original form was originally brought to market by Zeneca and used Alza’s OROS osmotic delivery system, which also used in the popular ADHD medication Concerta. Pharmacists will need to contact their patients’ physician to authorize the switch. Equivalency was established by clinical trial as follows: